Most, but not all of my Vibrant collection is representative of my abstract work.

This is expressive of my love of exploration with colour and texture using less conventional methods to create these works. These paintings will bring a room to life.

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Where the sea meets the land or sky, a powerful force of nature. It is no surprise that I have a big collection of seascapes. Brought up in the West of Ireland my relationship with the sea is part of my DNA. These paintings are from my travels along the Atlantic rugged coast of Ireland, the West coast of France and various coasts around Britain.

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Living in the countryside, with rolling hills, lush meadows and wild flowers I am constantly inspired by the sheer beauty, that the seasons offer. I want the collection to evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity, allowing the viewer to completely lose themselves in the delicate flower fields and landscapes.

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100% Silk Scarves

The new silk scarf range is totally unique and has been created from my original paintings, having selected the most vibrant and colourful images. I have also slightly enlarged the images to show detail of brush marks and pallet knife. 

AMELIE ,   NUALA-ROSIE, ST PALAIS SUR MER, MIMI  and  CHRISTINA  come with coordinating borders, large size 90x90cm

and CHRISTINA  come with border, small size 35x35cm. Ideal for accessorizing your bag, adorn the pocket of your jacket or attach to the loop in the waistband of your favourite jeans.

 without border, large size 90x90cm.

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